Award-winning comedy series with Midwest roots and devil-kinda-cares attitude

Ope, dane! Looks like you missed us… This is more of a home plate for the series, not exactly a catch-all, just a catch-some. So read a lil, watch more, and get to know the new series budding on the streets of The Brick City itself!

Bonus Brick 2.5


The trio is coming back for more, this time in collaboration with St. Louis’ oldest and original tattoo shop, Trader Bob’s, and sister biz, Vanishing Point Laser Removal.

There’s pride in your city, and then there’s pride in your friggen city, baby. Window flags, yard signs, and Fleur de Lis sidewalk chalk aside, how do you broadcast that you’re from the best dane dot on the map? Brickhead style. #314luv

Episode 2

“Mia Hamm”


Drew and Murphy set out into the world in search of greater opportunities and a little money in the bank. They meet a third, equally earnest St. Louis supernova who just may be the answer to their half-baked prayers.

Mia Hamm was filmed at local fav restaurant Morning Glory Diner, and CIC St. Louis, the Brick City you see in Episode 2 is just a peek of the real-and-authentic-deal you know and love.

Bonus Brick 1.5



Ever say a word so much it changes shape/feeling/meaning in your mouth? Looks like our brains just kissed.

This was the first lil bite of One Brick Shy pizza to keep your hands greasy between episodes. Like a brick that didn’t make the wall, but makes a nice doorstop.

Episode 1



Drew and Murphy face a few of life’s harsh realities and attempt to remedy their lack of preparedness.

Randy brings the hot hitting action nestled in character-filled spots like Tick Tock Tavern, a charming Tower Grove South duplex, and – as a curveball – Ballpark Lofts.

One brick at a time

Familiar Faces

Drew, Murphy, and Gus are more than just a funny face. Get to know the characters you see on screen, and the characters that play them in real life… read more.

Showcased Places

Off camera, OBS links with small businesses and local restaurants to hype each other up through pop-up events and other cool crossovers. So if you got a lil quirk, let’s get to wuirkread more.

New Spaces

Does your building, biz or big ol’ somethin’ fit into the One Brick Shy universe? We love working with real deal St. Louisians and showin’ off gems around the neighborhood(s)… read more.


Yup! You read that right, certified Brickhead gear for your dedicated, supportive heart. We’re talkin crispy tees, pokey buttons, secret audio pens that are really just pens, and more… read more.

What Our Fans are Saying

CeCe’s Mom

Knocked it out-of-the-park OBS writers, producers & actresses!!! Enjoyed most every minute except 4 Mia Hamm’s funeral😪

The Plug

“I can’t wait [for more]. It’s really good. Nice location choices. It felt very real to me as a STL citizen, love that it ends at the zoo. Like really cool. Thanks for sharing.”

A Literal Hero

No bullshit. It’s funny, the two leads are interesting, funny, tragic and joyful. Writing is sharp and the direction is really accomplished. The production value using St. Louis is amazing.”

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